LabTecta® Bearing Protectors

LabTecta® is a labyrinth design bearing-protector seal with an innovative design improvement, the LabTecta® shut-off valve, which we believe to be the secret to the product’s phenomenal success.
The effectiveness of LabTecta® has been verified in third-party tests by the Ingress Protection Code. LabTecta® has achieved a rating of IP66: proving its effectiveness in protecting your bearings from contamination failures.



Bearing Protection

The LabTecta®M is specifically designed for use on electric motors.

LabTecta-T - Bearing Protection – Top Entry


Bearing Protection – Top Entry

Advanced cost effective labyrinth seal, specifically designed for top-entry applications.

LabTecta OP


Bearing Protection

A cost effective bearing protection upgrade solution, which is non repairable.



Bearing Protection

Engineered Bearing Protection for use with tilting pad bearings.

LabTecta66 - Bearing Protection


Bearing Protection

Eliminate over 50% of bearing failures with the LabTecta® IP66 certified bearing protector: a true non-contacting labyrinth design with a shut-off design that really works.

LabTecta66 AX- Bearing Protection – Axial Movement

LabTecta66 AX

Bearing Protection – Axial Movement

The LabTecta-AX™ design uses a unique sliding rotor that allows the seal to absorb axial movement internally.

LabTecta66 IAP- Bearing Protection – Inboard Airpurge

LabTecta66 IAP

Bearing Protection – Inboard Airpurge

The LabTecta-IAP™ design is ideal for applications where it is necessary to retain product, gases or exhaust within an enclosure. Common applications are fans, screw conveyors and other powder handling equipment.